Kitsch and Stitch Vintage Fair, Cranbrook

Vintage Sign

Vintage Fair @ Cranbrook, Kent

I chanced upon this event today in Cranbrook. Situated in the Vestry Hall, it provided a light and airy platform for makers of all things kitsch and cute.

Cranbrook is a beautiful market town, situated in what’s known as “the Jewel in the Weald” The Hall was a perfect venue for what was a unique and much needed respite from the chain stores that we see in much larger towns. I really hope we will be seeing more of these events dotted around Kent.

As a lover of all things retro (except for my Canon camera) I was unsure of what to expect in the way of quality. After all, there was a common theme that all of these business men and women started something from a passion and a past-time. To be honest, the quality of the items, the layout of their stalls and their passion, blew me away. In these past few years, there has been a resurgence of the 30’s and 40’s in both style and attitude and the focus, which I love to see.

It’s events like this that people need to get out and support their local artisan, it’s the creativity, the quality and the love that goes into these items that you just won’t get in a big store with its strip lighting. These are products that are made in England, manufactured here, materials bought here, all supporting our economy and making the most beautiful and interesting things.

I took a stroll, had a browse and chatted to the stall holders, many had come from far and wide –  all over Kent, including Canterbury, Whitstable and even London. All with some super items for sale. highlights of the show included stalls by Liz Bloom of “Dorus Mhor” with some beautiful, bespoke liberty silk jewelry  and Rebecca Galbraith Kirkpatrick of “A Day  In Provence”, who had beautifully set out stall with items ranging from teapots and paintings.

Kent has quite a growing cottage industry in soft furnishings and here are some beautiful things for sale at a fraction of the prices you would find at markets in London, like Columbia Road market, Brick Lane, Southbank and Chelsea markets. Cranbrook is a delightful market town situated in the Weald of Kent and well worth a visit, situated off the A21 a 15 minute drive from Tunbridge Wells.

What a lovely way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon with my camera.

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4 Responses to “Kitsch and Stitch Vintage Fair, Cranbrook”
  1. Deborah Good says:

    Hi. I have just been googling Kitsch and Stitch and found your fabulous blog post! I wish I has seen it sooner – I am co-organiser of the event and would just like to say thank You for the great write-up. We are doing another Fair on 31st March, do come along and say Hi.

    Did you go to the Christmas Fair? – it was even better than the September one.

    I have added a link to your blog in my recent K 7 S blog post here:

    Debbie x

  2. Mandi Withycombe says:

    As a stall holder at the Kitsch and Stitch Fairs, it’s wonderful to get such enthusiastic feedback. Thank you for promoting our Kent makers.

  3. Susie says:

    I attended the September fair and thought it was wonderful. I too was blown away by the talent on display and the quality and range of crafts on the stalls. I cherish the items I bought that day, it is wonderful to be able to buy such unique, hand crafted gifts locally. I loved reading this piece as it it really captured the day for me (and I can’t wait for the next fair!)

  4. Mary says:

    I second all the tributes, it was such a delightful event. Can’t wait until March 31st!

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